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Simply Speaking is an efficient, practical program that delivered on every expectation. After just a few short hours, each participant had a better understanding of their personal speaking style and was working on their individual opportunities for improvement. It was also a productive team-building event, something that was not anticipated.”

John Rice
Vice Chairman, General Electric

I started my career as a door-to-door salesperson at age 11, selling burglar alarm warning stickers to people who could not afford a real system! At age 16, I became known as "The Peep-Hole Boy" of Ft. Lauderdale. When I knocked on your door and you asked, "Who is it?" I would reply, "For $10 I'll install a peep-hole in your door, and you'll never have to ask that question again!" Since then, I've learned that we're all in sales.

David conducts a fast-paced program at a client's conferenceMy first audience was in junior high school—Mrs. Weir’s Sixth-grade English class. Oral book reports. I approached the front of the room, clenched the lectern for support and managed to squeak out five words: 'Good afternoon, my name is.' I completely froze, forgot my name, and never even started the book report! 

When I entered the workplace, working for companies such as IBM and AT&T, I realized the importance of being an effective communicator and a friend convinced me to join a Toastmasters club. Reluctantly I went to my first meeting. After a few months of sitting in the back row, I gathered enough courage to give my first speech.

David (right) coaches a client privately before his important presentationDuring my "Icebreaker" speech, I saw the club President turn to another woman and whisper, "He’s a natural!" I felt so proud, even though I knew it was not all natural ability—I had learned a lot from observing the other presenters and had practiced my speech at least twenty times. When I finished, I was awarded a plastic golden trophy -- "Best Speaker of the Evening." Everything changed instantly.

That evening I discovered that if one learns how to prepare and practice, public speaking could be a wonderfully rewarding experience. I studied the best communicators and, though still nervous, I sought every opportunity to speak. Eventually I won several speaking competitions. Oglethorpe University in Atlanta hired me to teach their executive presentation skills classes and people from all types of organizations called me to help them improve their communication skills.

David, center, receives the CSP awardIn 1988, my company, Simply Speaking, Inc.®, was born and a decade later, the National Speakers Association honored me with their highest-earned award, the Certified Speaking Professional. The "CSP" designation is held by less than 7% of the organization’s four thousand members.

David shows a program participant how to connect with her audienceMy goal is not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you that no matter where you or your team may be on the spectrum of communication skills, with the right tools, the right coaching methods, and the right support, virtually anyone can be a highly effective and respected communicator.

During the past 26+ years I've assembled a stellar team of professional coaches and trainers. Together we have helped more than 100,000 top professionals from Savannah to Singapore to develop extraordinary communication skills.

Today, our clients include leading organizations such as American Express, Deloitte, GE, The Hershey Company, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.

David (center) helps kids from around the world to speak with confidenceBeing a powerful communicator has a tremendous transfer value to everything we do. Through our private coaching and group workshops, I have witnessed transformations going far beyond improved presentation skills, including increased self-esteem, greater self-confidence and an increased desire to tackle other challenges. For these reasons, when I'm not working with my professional clients, it's one of my greatest rewards to help youth around the globe to develop these essential skills.

I have personally felt the debilitating fear of public speaking, and I know what it is like to bask in the applause and "great presentation" accolades. That is the feeling I want all of our program participants to experience.


Please contact us to discuss your situation and to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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