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Our group never had better training! Concrete, observable results with quantifiable differences from one presentation to the next.

Mark Sween, Vice President of Acquisitions
GMAC Financial Group


David Greenberg, Certified Speaking Professional
President & CEO

David combines his experience as a top salesperson, corporate executive and trainer, entrepreneur, and professional speaker to provide clients with a rare combination of real-world experience, award-winning coaching and presentation strategies to increase the bottom-line. He's author of the best-seller, Simply Speaking! The No-Sweat Way to Prepare and Deliver Winning Presentations, Death by PowerPoint! and Forget Your Title, We're All in Sales! read more
Shirley Garrett, Ed. D., Certified Speaking Professional

Shirley helps business professionals become powerful communicators on and off the "platform" and in and out of meetings. She is an award-winning writer, author of Speaking Without Freaking, and is the go-to-person for compelling speech writing. Shirley is Past-President of the National Speakers Association's Georgia chapter and earned her Doctorate in Education and Leadership.
Patricia Fripp, Certified Speaking Professional

Patricia simplifies and demystifies the process of designing a presentation for anyone who needs to speak in public. Executives, sales teams and even high-fee professional speakers undergo nothing less than a transformation in their presentations from both a content and delivery standpoint. Patricia was the first female President of the National Speakers Association, and Meetings and Conventions magazine named her "One of the 10 most electrifying speakers in North America."
Gary Rifkin

Gary provides technical presenters with the tools they need to transform lackluster presentations into engaging and passionate performances. Gary is Past-President of the National Speakers Association's North Texas Chapter and co-author of The Communication Path. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Penn State University and Bowling Green State University.
Robert and Rande Gedaliah

Men and women give and receive information differently. Robert and Rande are husband and wife, coaches, and co-authors of Speaking for Results. For 30 years they have worked individually and as a couple to bring a unique male-female perspective on how to connect with everyone in your audience.
Eric Seidel

Eric's specialty is helping individuals prepare for media interviews -- both planned and unexpected. He has 25+ years broadcast news and programming experience in radio and TV, including serving as an anchor and reporter for CBS Radio and covering the Supreme Court for CNN. Before the media comes calling, call us to schedule time with Eric.
Joan Boneberg, M.S., CCC-SLP

Joan is a Board Certified Speech Pathologist and Executive Communications Specialist. Her specialties include accent reduction, "immersion listening," "elevator speeches," and business writing skills. Joan has been a communication specialist for 28 years, assisting individuals and corporate teams to improve their careers through skillful communications.
Dez Thornton

Whether you're speaking to an audience, looking into a camera or connecting one on one, Dez's enduring objective is coaching communicators on how to advance their ideas by activating their authentic voice. Dez is Past-President of the National Speakers Association's Georgia chapter and specializes in crafting messages that are both influential and impactful.
Jeri Apple, CCE Board Certified Coach

Jeri helps professionals transform communication anxiety into a powerful presence when presenting, conducting meetings, and speaking up when it matters. Jeri's expertise in neuroscience combined with her 30+ years as a coach, licensed mental health professional and certified hypnotherapist offers strategies and skills that help you speak with confidence.

Jyl Cohen

Jyl has more than 35 years of combined experience as an intercultural communication consultant, speech and diction coach, and speech/language pathologist. A recognized expert in her field, Jyl has helped clients from 92 countries to be more effective communicators.

Mary Grover, M.A., CCC/SLP

Mary helps clients develop a voice of authority. She is a Medical Board Licensed Voice Pathologist and a member of the Screen Actors Guild. She even holds a patent for her vocal techniques. Clients include Academy Award winners, Grammy and Emmy winners, high-profile executives and professional speakers.
Tom Nixon

Tom is a 30+ year graphic communication/presentation specialist. He helps presenters create superb visual aids using PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi. With Tom on the team, your audiences will never suffer "Death by PowerPoint."
Sharry Weiss
Office Manager


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