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David helped me get to the next level in communicating my message. It makes a big difference to access a coach like David and get expert advice on content and delivery.
Neil Lindsay, Vice President of Products and Services
Boost Mobile, A Sprint Company

David Greenberg (left) coaches a client
before an important presentation


Simply Speaking® private coaching sessions can take on many different formats and durations. Let's have a conversation about what's right for you. Some of the areas frequently covered include how to:

  • Appear confident, competent and credible in front of any audience

  • Capture and maintain the attention and interest of your listeners

  • Craft and convey messages that are clear, concise and compelling

  • Organize your material for best flow and maximum impact

  • Connect and inspire employing the art of executive storytelling

  • Convey your value proposition and leverage your differentiators

  • Think quickly on your feet and look calm under pressure

  • Master Q&A sessions and win-over tough audiences

  • Incorporate effective visual aids and avoid Death by PowerPoint™

  • Integrate appropriate humor to drive home serious points

  • Eliminate "ums," "ahs," "you knows" and other distracting habits

  • Use body language and voice techniques to "own the room"

  • Project world-class commanding executive presence

  • Read your audience and speak to their needs and listening styles

  • Provide the right content without doing a data dump

  • Influence your listeners' thinking and increase sales --
    Forget your title, we're all in sales

Choose the Private Coaching Format That's Right for You
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> Private Executive Presentation Coaching Programs

My Speech is Tomorrow - Emergency Help Clinic

> Remote Speech Coaching by Phone or Web Meeting

Speech Coaching for Professional Speakers and Trainers

Accent and Regional Dialect Reduction

Watch Video of David Coaching and Conducting a Workshop

“One week after the coaching, I gave the best presentation of my life! I never felt the adrenaline of a standing ovation before.”
Lori Frazier, Vice President of Communications
First Horizon National Corporation

> Private Executive Presentation Coaching Programs

Private coaching sessions can take on many different formats and durations, are designed for presenters at all skill levels, and can be provided at your location or ours, by phone, video, or online meeting.

We take the time to truly understand what is important to you and how we can measure and monitor your success. If appropriate, we’ll review previously recorded presentations, utilize online assessments to identify your perceived communication strengths and weaknesses, and, with your permission, solicit feedback from your selected colleagues about your communication effectiveness.

Because the time is dedicated solely to you in our private sessions, you'll have the opportunity to polish all the details that can make all the difference. When we meet, you'll receive an honest and constructive assessment of your skills and a blueprint for success. Through strategic planning, demonstrations, simulations, and award-winning battle-tested coaching, you’ll gain precisely what you need to meet the demands of your important communication situations. We’ll build upon your natural strengths and personality so that you excel quickly and comfortably.

A key ingredient in our clients’ success is our combination of in-person sessions as well as remote sessions via phone or Web meetings. We'll likely have some quick accountability calls to keep you on-track as well as longer consultations to bounce ideas, strategize and rehearse for upcoming presentations.

You’ll receive audio and/or video recordings of your sessions to review and reinforce your learning, and together, we’ll create step-by-step action plans for your continuous improvement. You'll also receive our proprietary presentation planners, wallet reminder cards, a subscription to the Simply Speaking® communication strategies newsletter, and David's books, Simply Speaking!® The No-Sweat Way to Prepare and Deliver Presentations, How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint!, and How to Conduct Incredibly Productive Meetings.

Below are three of our most popular private executive presentation coaching plans which can serve as conversation starters and be tailored to fit your specific needs:

The Platinum Unlimited Six-Month Plan is perfect for the executive who delivers several critical presentations each year. We’ll meet for up to three days of private coaching at your office or ours, typically once every other month, for six months. If you have a pending presentation deadline, we can schedule your sessions closer together. With each session, we’ll take your new skills to a higher level, with more rigorous feedback and coaching, advanced techniques, and time for polishing the finer details. If you desire, you may allocate a portion of your in-person session time for us to attend your presentation/s, rehearse at the venue if appropriate, and debrief afterward. You’ll also receive the coaching and consulting you need when you need it through six months of unlimited scheduled and spur-of-the-moment coaching by phone or video conference. Our clients appreciate that this plan allows them time to learn new skills and approaches, experiment with them in the “real world,” debrief, and then learn additional tools to continue raising the bar and prepare for upcoming presentations. You can also take comfort knowing that with this plan we provide a 24-hour response time for “emergency” situations. In addition, you are encouraged to record your presentations whenever appropriate, and this plan includes reviewing and critiquing those recordings.  

The Gold Three-Month Plan provides two days of intensive private coaching at your office or ours up to three months apart. We’ll also work together by phone or video conference over these three months about every other week to continue honing your skills and prepare you for upcoming presentations.  

The Silver One-Month Plan is often ideal when you need to learn essential skills during a concentrated time period. We’ll meet for one intensive full day, which may be divided into two consecutive half-days if feasible. We’ll also work together by phone or video conference during three scheduled sessions to ensure that you stay on course and continue honing your skills.  

Please contact us to discuss your situation and to schedule a free 30-minute consultation or watch video of David coaching clients and conducting a workshop.

Can you imagine being the CEO and having panic attacks? Under David's guidance and using his techniques, confidence in my speaking ability soared. The more I do it the more I love it!
Beatrice Scherer, CEO & President
GF Health Products
You helped us communicate with a broad audience through our public speaking and our webcasts. You invested a lot of time understanding our organization. Your coaching was practical, insightful and a tremendous value. Absolutely wonderful!”
Mark Price, Principal
Deloitte Consulting

David helped me put together a meaningful presentation that packs a punch! He helps me keep my audiences engaged!

Cindy Ertman, Executive Vice President
Platinum Capital Group
“Thanks to David's help and noticeable improvements in my presentation skills, I was promoted. I want to thank David for all his hard work and dedication to me.
Sam Martz, Supply Chain Director
Coca Cola

“Right from the first session, we saw results. In that week I had obtained appointments with business owners who for weeks, even months, had alluded me. What was the difference?
 A structured approach to a conversation, a presentation or an improvised talk.
[David's coaching] has given me so much confidence and I know now what I say at any given time is right for that occasion.
Gerlinde Brixius, Vice President of Business Banking
JP Morgan Chase

Simply excellent! David provided me with the confidence and tools for one of the most important presentations of my career.

Tuan Tran, Senior Manager
Deloitte Consulting

“I found David's work to be absolutely relevant to being able to communicate effectively, which was critical for my interview process [for CEO] and is critical in my position. David's advice and ability to work with you to make your communication more meaningful and ability to be heard are excellent.
Bob Morgan, CEO
North Country Credit Union

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Simply remarkable! I hired David to assist me with a presentation to a large number of senior level executives. The tremendously positive feedback afterward blew me away. The insights and tools that David provided allowed me to clearly articulate my message in a way that engaged my audience and empowered them into action.
David Pezzino, Founder
Success Within Reach Consulting
David's tips, tools, and encouragement made all the difference. My program evaluations were predominantly '4s', on a scale of 1 - 4 and I had a stream of participants request more information.  Investing in David was a great and rewarding decision.
Mary Werner, President
Werner Coaching & Consulting

The results have been tremendous! David's feedback is direct and tough, but it really makes a difference. David is incredibly accessible and doesn't watch the clock. The coaching made my mediocre speech a super speech.

Jennifer Kahnweiler, Ph. D.
Author of "The Introverted Leader"
“David quickly finds your weak spots and sets to shoring them up. He gets your strengths and what makes you unique and teaches you how to make the most of those parts of your personality. It was easily the best money I've ever spent.”
Steve Williams, CEO
Optimal Focus

“Incredibly helpful! David took a jumbled presentation and turned it into a presentation that was focused, concise, entertaining and easy to understand.”

Lee Ann Bellon, President
Elite Legal Services

David helped me to connect with what's important to my audiences. The coaching has been hugely effective and
I've received countless positive feedback from clients,
prospects, and colleagues.

Sarah Dollander, Vice President, Business Development
Lee Hecht Harrison
I learned more in two days of coaching with David than I have in the last two years! You helped me mold my thoughts into something I can put a price on. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Dan Olivas, President
Re/Max El Paso

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I was terrified and needed emergency help.
I now look forward to my presentations!
Kathy Rooney, Senior Director
Metabasis Therapeutics


> HELP! My Speech is Tomorrow!
Simply Speaking
Emergency Help Clinic

Do you need to deliver a speech or presentation soon and need professional help -- FAST? Is your company's big meeting coming up and your presentation in need of some polish? The Simply Speaking® Emergency Help Clinic may be just right for you.

  • Your entire presentation is reviewed and polished -- content, structure, delivery, visual aids

  • You receive a concentrated dose of honest, constructive advice 

  • You receive expert advice and award-winning coaching to achieve your presentation goals and the impact you desire

  • Your session is recorded so that you may continue your practice 

  • Your coach is "on call" for follow-up consultations before your presentation and for a debrief afterward

Call us immediately and we'll schedule either an in-person, telephone or Web session.

Please contact us to discuss your situation and to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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You taught me how to create a great speech from the beginning to the end, to insert comedy and a genuine quality that is me.
William Edmundson, Vice President
Hilton Hotels

> Remote Speech Coaching by Phone or Web Meeting

Remote sessions can be a very effective and efficient method for you to receive the coaching you need without the hassle or expense of traveling. Many of the same topics covered at in-person sessions can be effectively addressed. This is also a perfect way for us to help you between in-person coaching sessions. Remote sessions are conducted by phone, Skype, or other online meeting service and typically range from one to two hours each.

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> Coaching for Professional Speakers and Trainers

To succeed in the professional speaking business, you need to be both a talented speaker and skilled businessperson. David Greenberg is one of few professional speakers and coaches to earn the respect of his peers as a coach talented enough to coach other professional speakers. He knows what it takes to operate a highly successful speaking and training business for more than two decades, has been awarded the highest earned title in the speaking profession from the National Speakers Association, is author of one of the best-selling books on winning presentations, and most importantly, knows how to help you succeed in this profession. Contact us to discuss your situation and to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

David made a huge difference in the way people react to me. He made me take a good hard look at how I come across. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make such a big difference. I highly recommend David to work with anyone, whether you’re a professional speaker or an executive, for great insights. He’s terrific!
Christine Corelli, CSP, Author and Professional Speaker since 1992

“David has helped me tremendously. He can take a simple story or concept and help you craft a powerful presentation, whether it's a keynote or a business presentation
Rene Godefroy, Author and Professional Speaker since 1997

David evaluated my keynote speech from a structural and message level. He is, without a doubt, one of the top coaches I've ever worked with and I've worked with some of the best in the industry. He's experienced, authentic and gets to the core. A true professional.
Waldo "The Wingman" Waldman, Combat Decorated F16 Fighter Pilot,
Author and Professional Speaker since 2003

It was unbelievable to watch speakers, who were already extremely good at what they do, get a lot better in just a few minutes because of David's insightful adjustments, tweaks, ideas and coaching. Seeing it happen before my eyes made me contact David right away. I encourage you to do the same.
Dan Thurmon, CSP, Author and Professional Speaker since 1993

“I don't know how I survived without having somebody be so candid, helpful, and instructive. Sometimes David's a little blunt, but you can't be better if you don't have someone to show you the warts that you have. I can't say enough good things about David's coaching. If you want to go to the next level, call David now.”

Rick Wemmers, Author and Professional Speaker since 2002

People used to dread listening to my technical team. Now their presentations are fantastic!
Lisa Foster, Vice President
Sterigenics International

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> Accent and Regional Dialect Reduction

Our speech and language pathologists have helped people from nearly one hundred countries, including here in the United States, to modify their accents and regional dialects in order to be more confident and more effective communicators.

Our approach is unique in that we can integrate speech pathology methods and materials with accent reduction and speech improvement for quick and lasting results. We offer private coaching and group programs, both in-person and remotely by phone or Web meetings. 

If you are interested in how our coaching programs can help you reach your goals, contact us to discuss your situation and to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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